I am listed on the Union County GenWeb Project page. If you go down toward the bottom of it to "General Links", click on it, then under Union County Resources, I am the second web site listed - Genealogy - Union Co, Ohio. I volunteered to provide information and help others. I will do my best to help you.
Genealogy - Union Co, Ohio
Census 1880 Index
Union County Information
Helping others is my goal.
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Need a marriage lookup before 1900.
Need grave information as of 1984.
Union County Health Department - Birth and Death Certificates
I am looking for - Welch, Gantt, Jolliff, Rider, Mulvaine, Landon, Karn, Beck, Titus, Neel,                     Cary, Hartshorn, Hanby, Teagraden, Knoderer, Scott
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History of Union County, Ohio, 1883 - located at Heritage Pursuit.com
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Research Facilities for Vital Records, Deeds, Wills
Union County GenWeb Page - Genealogy and History
Union County Genealogical Society
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Map of  Union County - 1895
Cemeteries, by Township
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- 1860 Marion County OH census (transcribed) (four townships so far)
- 1850 Knox County OH census index
- Marion County OH cemetery inscriptions (most, but not all)
- Marion County OH research - Heritage Pursuit.com by Allen Potts
with latitude and longitude
Calculate Birth Date - Using death date and age in years, months, and days.
Find - old towns, townships, origins of counties, historical place names, zip
Search - Enter name of church, cemetery, or whatever, then map its location and print the map.  
Tips - for photographing gravestones
Surnames - Help Others. People are looking for them. Help them out.
Chamber of Commerce - Marysville, Ohio
Tell your friends and union county genealogists about this help site
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Marysville OH  -- Supersite
Library - Marysville OH - The genealogy section has not been completed yet.
Volunteers - who will help you.
Newspapers - Marysville, Union Co, others
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Census 1930 Information - click here
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